Risk prevention


Pacifico + UNESCO + UNDRR


Tsunamis are a natural event that generate catastrophic situations, both humanly and materialy speaking.

Despite this, early warning systems are very necessary to save human lives, for which their implementation is very necessary in order to protect populations in risk areas.


It is essential to promote that the different actors, from governments to international entities promote, finance and develop early warning systems.

To expose this problem, we developed a short animated documentary that narrates the story of Martina, a girl who, at the age of 12, noticed that a tsunami was approaching her hometown. Martina understood she had to go to a safe zone, but before this she decided to alert all neighbors by playing a gong, which led to save many lives.


The Girl and the Tsunami tells the story of Martina, a girl who lived on Robinson Crusoe Island in the southern Chilean Pacific, which was hit by a tsunami in 2010.

Due to a series of unusual events, Martina managed to anticipate the arrival of this tsunami, so she decided to save herself, but first she went to the gong in the center of town and thus warned the rest of the population.

This short film seeks to imply the importance of alert systems, because if Martina had not alerted her neighbors, the story would have been very different, and even more terrible.

But this role does not correspond to a 12-year-old girl, so the story seeks to bring to light not only the need for these systems, but also the lack of them, in order to promote and motivate their implementation from different places.

The short was premiered at a UN and UNDRR event and then had a long tour of festivals, garnering awards and mentions, to finally be open to the general public so that the importance of this story can be understood.