Ecological & economic crisis




Humanity is facing an unprecedented climatic, ecological and social collapse. There are many solutions to our problems, but they implies a profound redesign of our way of life and very few people know about them.

When we imagine the future, it is difficult for us to see it without garbage, without pollution and without millions of people living in poverty, but we also face a great crisis of imagination, which prevents us from seeing the way out.


The Impossible Future is an animated series about the problems of the future of our planet, focused on solutions.

We aim to contribute collectively with the creation of a regenerative culture that promotes the values ​​that empowers life on Earth. We aim to do it with the power of stories, mixing documentary with fiction, avoiding the excuses of our mind and generating emotions and preparing the ground for change.


The Impossible Future is a series of 10 chapters, 13 minutes each. All of this talk about the future, optimistically presenting solutions to different problems. Starting from climate change as a unique catastrophe in the history of humanity, we propose to think about the link between humanity and nature, the economy, food, work, science and spirituality. Through different characters who do not always agree and in some cases have more questions than answers, we are addressing the different problems mixing fictional stories with documentary.

The use of photos and videos for the backgrounds of our images give the films a strong documentary character, showing the materiality of our problems and solutions. The animated characters, on the other hand, will give it a more innovative and captivating tone.

There are many documentaries about the political, ecological and economic problems, but few focus on the solutions, to inspire change in the world with an optimistic message.