Ecosystems preservation




Wetlands are very diverse ecosystems, from rivers and swamps to salt flats and glaciers.

These ecosystems fulfill a large number of socio-environmental roles, and yet there is no legislation that protects them and that seeks to preserve both their biodiversity and their functions for society in general.


It is necessary that the Congress of Argentina sanctions a law that seeks to regulate the activities within these ecosystems, considering both their fundamental roles, their diversity and the different activities that are carried out.

To achieve this, we generated a campaign that in an entertaining and dynamic way, seeks to explain the complexity of this problem to citizens in general, explained from diversity to help understand that the promotion of a law is as necessary as it is delicate.


¨Wetlands¨ in an animated campaign that narrates in a simple way the different situations that wetlands are going through in Argentina.

A script that makes constant reference to the ecosystem that is described seeks to imply the diversity of situations that they go through, thus being the starting point to make this video a portrait that is as didactic as it is entertaining.

Photo models and very diverse animation techniques, both in stop-motion and mechanisms or video effects, give shape to this 2.30-minute piece.

The campaign was carried out for FUNDAR, an organization dedicated to the study, research and design of public policies, and was designed to accompany a detailed report on the need for a wetland law in Argentina today.

It was launched on their networks and accompanied by a media campaign, thus achieving great reach and resonance.